Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Nirrimi Hakanson

Nirrimi Hakanson is 19 years old and is one of the youngest teenage female photographer who is well established. Nirrimi is a self proclaimed gypsy with a camera who has been shooting from the age of 13 where she has not only taken photography as a hobby or a keen interest but as an obsession. Her growing up was based in a little town neat the sun call North Queensland, Australia where described her childhood as being 'unconventionally beautiful'. Nirrimi grew up with both her parents and her sisters ans has alsway said that her photography is a way of relieving her childhood.

From the age of 16 while other girls where planningtheir sweet 16 going parties and baby sitting, Nirrimi was signed to an agency commissioned to shoot her favourite magazine. By the age of 17 Nirrimi dropped out of high school to pursue her dreams and when everyone told her it was a big mistake it was only then that she was ableto open her eyes into becoming successful and famous.

At 17 she shot the Diesel's winter campaign in New York City. It was the first time that she had been to America and thought that it was absolutley crazy and different from her own expectations.

Her photogrpahy not only put her at the forefront of her feild but she won two national awards at youth week and SOYA which stands for Spirit Of Youth Awards where she won $5000 in help with her pursuing her dreams. She won another award which is internationally known called Artisits Wanted.
Her photogrpahy has taken her far and beyond where she has shot for the most top influential brands ever such as Diesel, and appearing in Yen, Dolly, Creative Oyster and Girlfriend.

Where you can find some of her work and her:

The Diesel Campaign 'Be Stupid'

Diesel who is a multi-million pound Italian company asked for the teenager herself, Nirrimi Hakanson to shoot their winter campaign called ‘Be Stupid’. Diesel has built representations of being a brand is too outrageous, risk taking , steps over bouondaries and being an add that creates controversial adds. It was in 2010 that Nirrimi shot her first campagin and the campaign featured a collaboration of several different settings, which included fun in the park, tree climbing, a romp session with a mannequin and crossdressing in the bathroom. Nirrimi added to the fact that it was her first time shooting that she was able to taken as many pictures as she would of hoped to.

Here are some images from the campaign:

The Diesel campaign wasnt a shock to teenage photogrpaher Nirrimi Hakanson when she was told that it was not to be censensored to be a postive leading advertisment because of it's seductive and racy photographs. The award winning banned Diesel campaign had a lot of negative connotations by the public making headlines and front page news all around the States, as well as every news website, many viewers were outraged over the risque shoot.

The Brookyln Law Library which was among the many other locations was rented out to Diesel, expecting a tasteful  photo shoot. The Brooklyn library took it as an offense to their company and to them. Aside from the library the shoot caused a such a stir that it was banned  and many viewers from the public saw Diesel as a brand that was senign out a negative message to young people through the so- cakked stupid acts and think that many young ones will the messages advertised.

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